Braw Haus

We are a group of international women, based in New York & Paris using digital media, such as 3D animation, computer graphics, and more to combine creativity with visual art. Our focus lies in experimental video and digital art, working with audiovisual production to find concepts for events or consulting for brands looking for something new. Our latest work revolutionized the art world as we presented digital art projections around hotels, galleries and even events in living rooms. We are very out of the box, making videos that stand out and we love it - especially creating awareness videos on topics ranging from human rights to global warming. We are always interested in supporting brands that are shifting and highlighting gender diversity, inclusion, and a more sustainable way of living.

Role: production company



Richie Quake - Never See You

"Never See You, is an emotional state piece evoking the current feelings two lovers go through. Where there is comfort in the discomfort, Lovers pretending they care for each other. They act in different ways but the result is the same, a feeling of letting go, not following back, not pushing for feelings to evolve. The blue ice look in Richie's eyes is the personification of the detached feelings and the car floating is a metaphor of a fast consumption life our society is currently experiencing. Live fast, let the feelings die young. As a director I am not sure I agree with living as is because there is beauty when you go deep, but it is what I notice around me." - Patricia Gloum




Kinida - Muri Apa

‘Muri Apa’ in translation to english means ‘Headache’. She wrote this song inspired by her first heartbreak, to pinpoint the conflict that might cross our thoughts when in a long term relationship which can equate to a headache. Through her lyricism she has a dual dialogue back and forth with herself but can be projected to the audience as well. Speaking her thoughts out loud she confronts all these emotions while still reminiscing and holding on to these feelings even knowing that it might not be the best for her when she says ‘don’t leave’ in korean during the breakdown of the track. Stylist & Details Serena Kim 3D world VFX Artist Carla Batley Glitchy/Liquify VFX artist Klarens Malluta Texture VFX artist George Jasper Stone Text Graphic artist : George Jasper Stone

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