Bon Music Vision

Bon aka Bon Music Vision - Avant-garde artist, composer, producers comprised of Yerosha Windrich (Swiss, Indonesian, Greek) and Elfed Alexander Morris (Welsh, Ghanaian, Native Canadian). With a life long interest in popular culture, philosophy and finding fluidity in perceptual conventions, Bon’s mission is to create something from the perspective of the outsider - an insight into what it is to be and belong and how to find community in art and culture that exists on the fringes of the mainstream. Their art grew out of a desire to support the other - Their philosophy is to create in the spirit of inclusiveness be it social, sexual or racial.

Role: director



Bon - Pantheon - Flora 4k

"We wanted to create a record using samples from recordings we created ourselves that were calm, romantic and had a natural, timeless feel. Something weathered and low-fi, but Hi-Fi and complete all at the same time. Something with the spirit of a well-loved worn-out cassette but using cutting edge production techniques. Hiss, noise and distortion are all treated here as instruments in these compositions. Asking the questions "What is quality, perfection and character and what do these words mean to us". We took our own recordings and manipulated them, letting them evolve through the technology, reflecting the cyclical and evolutionary nature of all creative processes."




The Emotion Industry

The Emotion Industry is the pairs audio visual comment on the modern digital landscape and its influence - “There is an unfathomable power to blur reality as we know it. The ability to discern what’s real and what’s not is becoming increasingly difficult - social media super computers using data points to push your buttons for manufacturing consent, Ai articles and deep fake images add to the illusion. The ability too really ‘see’ the objective reality of what’s been created is the new enlightenment” We aim to use the most modern cutting edge techniques available to us. Sometimes embracing the errors and inconsistencies in the knowledge that when the “bugs” are ironed out and the tech made smooth these errors will be lost forever. Capturing the spaces in between advancement is an essential archive to advancement. Yesterday’s idiosyncrasies are today’s nostalgia. Recorded between London, L.A, and Canada using tape and vintage analogue equipment - Emotion industry is a narrative reflecting on sense of self, and identity in the digital realm - a visual album of dream logic scored through the lens of Afro Futurism, Asian Industrial electronica, Sound System music, Post Rave and Dub. Spatial Awareness Recordings

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