Anthony Nakhlé




ZUHAIR MURAD Couture Spring 2021

For the Couture Summer 2021 season, Zuhair Murad surprises with a magnificent Couture Collection inspired by the Cedar, symbol of Lebanon. This eternal tree lends its best qualities to the creature who gracefully defies the wrath of nature and Man; overcomes any obstacle; and stands tall in the face of adversity; because the Woman is life and gives life. This magical encounter between the woman-tree and the tree-woman, engages a subtle and spiritual exchange that embodies exceptional synergy between two similar natures, constantly seeking each other. Wandering in a sacred labyrinth carved in an abstract cedar forest, the woman imagined by Zuhair Murad embarks on a mystical journey of self-discovery. Her quest culminates in a powerful face-off with the Cedar tree, from which she has drawn her most sacred of traits. The two fuse together, merging strengths until they become one.

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