Aaron Platt

Independent Spirit Award nominee Aaron Platt has made his mark as a cinematographer in commercials, music videos, and films for a plethora of artists and brands including Bono, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, MGMT, Fiat, Diane Von Furstenberg,Tory Burch, Bloomingdale's, and Mercedes Benz. Platt was drawn to film and photography at a young age. As a film student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Platt excelled in the program as a director/cinematographer, showcasing his third student film, The Cold Ones at the Sundance Film Festival. This film also garnered him the Most Promising Filmmaker Award at the 2004 Ann Arbor Film Festival; not bad for a junior in college. Platt went on to show subsequent films at Sundance and Cannes among other festivals. He earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Cinematography in 2007 for the film Wild Tigers I Have Known. Platt now embraces Cinematography as a craft he pursues throughout the globe. He's living bi-coastal, splitting time between LA, New York, and Seattle.

Role: cinematographer
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