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STEM / Sarah Brunnhuber    
STEM / Sarah Brunnhuber    
Sarah is the Founder of Stem, an industry changing approach to how clothing is made. Our novel zero-waste woven textile system eliminates garment production waste. A Stem garment is made from (recycled) natural fibres and produced using our unique weaving, cutting and sewing technique.‍ View More on
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Zhang An 张安 Director's Cut | MAFF Tour Shanghai (Episode 1)

Director, Wenkai Wang 王文楷, lengthens the narrative of an endlessly curious photographer living in the world of the abstract. Our travels take us to Shanghai, China, where we catch up with photographer, Zhang An 张安. DIT:AJ Runner 场务:Liu 小刘 Camera Assistant:Lijia Xu 徐立加 Tenghui Ma马鹏辉 Zhengjun Li李振军 Lingjie Yi尹凌杰 Yikun Cao曹亚坤 Equipment 器材:Chuanye Rental 川页租赁

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Creator Spotlight

Being a third-culture Korean kid growing up in the Western world, Tae-Young had a strange time navigating through cultural affiliation. Inspired by a mix of American/Japanese media, Tae-Young create stories that people can connect with to help them feel less alone through their characters. "Create art just to create art. Don't follow whatever’s trendy or be motivated by money. Creating what you love the most is so much more rewarding and fulfilling."

Role: animator


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    Advice to Youth

    Created by MAFF

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      How Jacquemus Became One Of Fashion's Most Loved Labels

      The South of France has always served as inspiration for Simon Porte Jacquemus. Simon and i-D travelled together to Brame-Jean, the little town he grew up, in to learn about Simon’s upbringing, how he dealt with the loss of his mother, and being a designer in Paris.

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      Naomi Campbell Meets Virgil Abloh

      For the first in a series where British Vogue contributing editor Naomi Campbell meets designers making debuts at historic fashion houses, Campbell sits down with Virgil Abloh in his Paris headquarters. The recently-appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear reflects on his landmark first show, how his relationship with Kanye West galvanised his resolve to succeed, and what his appointment means for the next generation.

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      A Message to Young People from Andrei Tarkovsky

      This excerpt is from the documentary ANDREY TARKOVSKY - A POET IN THE CINEMA, directed by Donatella Baglivo, produced by Ciak2000 srl.


    Created by MAFF

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      Brain Lapse

      Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out, coffee and collage.

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      Die Vögel - Mesmerize

      Our music video mashup using the track “Mesmerize” by Die Vögel using the animated film of Rodrigo Blaas 'Alma', Produced by Cecile Hokes.

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      Night Vision

      Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out.

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